Kiya Heartwood

Administrative Assistant


Nancy Deer



& Treasurer


Leslie Dempsey

& Gaye Webb

Director of

All Ages RE & Membership/Outreach


Allison Faber

Online Administrator

& Tech Support


John Faber for appointments

Committee & Team Leads


Building Fund Campaign Committee

Nancy Granovsky and Rob McGeachin

Caring Team

Eleanor Ford

Committee on Ministry

Joyce Langenegger

Finance Committee

Rob McGeachin

Gift Giving Legacy ad hoc Committee

Nancy Granovsky and Kathy Wheeler

Membership Committee


Ministry for Social Justice & the Earth

Jerry Wagnon

Nominating Committee

Sharon Boston, Carolyn Clark,

Katie Womack and Erin Wilkinson 

Property Team

Ken Appelt and John Ivy

Religious Education Committee

Allison Faber

Sacred Space Team

Kathy Wheeler

UU Women's Federation 

Katie Womack

UUCBV Community HUB.png

June 2021 Board of Trustees

President                         Pam Johnson

President-Elect                Molly Hagan-Ward

Past President                 Gaye Webb

Treasurer                         Gaye Webb

Secretary                          Alice Scott

At-Large Member              John Ivy

At-Large Member             Maya Lazarus

At-Large Member             Bobby Presley

At-Large Member             Josh Wilkinson


Please email

for any maintenance concerns that we should know.

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