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We are incredibly pleased to announce the latest update to the capital campaign designed to augment funds for our new church on East 29th Street in Bryan. As of March 21st, capital campaign commitments received thus far total $231,900 from 25 households. We expect to meet the goal of $300,000 since we have not received commitment forms from every member household. It is not too late to submit commitment forms or add to commitments already made. Remember that a commitment form details what you plan to donate by January 31, 2022, or earlier.

We greatly appreciate the work of the entire Capital Campaign Team. We convene regularly to assess progress, make recommendations, and celebrate accomplishments. If you have recommendations or questions, please feel free to contact a team member: Carolyn Clark, John Ivy, Kathy Wheeler, John Faber, Nancy Deer, Leslie Dempsey, Gaye Webb, Pam Johnson, Deb Wilson, Rev. Schmidt, Rob McGeachin and Nancy Granovsky.

If you haven’t visited our website recently (, please do! You’ll see the tab for Our New Church Home and instant access to the financial commitments gauge, a location map, property progress blog and progress timeline, Sacred Space Team Report, and Financial Commitment Form as well as an ability to donate directly from the website. Kudos to John Faber and Nancy Deer for working their magical tech support!

We welcome your questions, recommendations, and financial commitments. And if you have not yet sent in your financial commitment form, please join the 25 households whose promises we have already received to share their financial treasure for this largest UUCBV undertaking ever….Our New Church Home!

Nancy Granovsky and Rob McGeachin, Co-chairs, Building Fund Capital Campaign

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