Our New Church Home

1719 East 29th Street

Bryan, Texas 77802

Our New Building Fundraiser Goal Has Been Reached!!!!
















Property Progress

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Sacred Space Team

Kathy Wheeler, Chair

Ken Appelt

Eleanor Ford

John Ivy

Joyce Langenegger

Rob McGeachin

Jerry Wagnon

Molly Ward

Gaye Webb

Rev. Christian Schmidt

Property Progress Timeline

2016, November

305 Welborn is sold to TxDot.

2017, January

UUCBV rents from Hillel at TAMU


2018, November

1719 E 29th Street property lowers asking price by $91, 000.


2018, December 17

Earnest Money Contract submitted towards 1719 E 29th Street


2019, April

1719 E 29th Street property purchased.


2019, August

Veronica Morgan, Civil Engineer, and Bryan Gibbs, Architect, hired.


2019, November

The AIA (Architect’s Contract) and the Design Addendum are signed by both Pact Design Studio and UUCBV.


2020, February

Soil samples and tree survey completed.


2020, March

Furniture selected.


2020, July

Plats/plans approved by City of Bryan.


2020, August

Construction bids arrive, much higher than anticipated with Covid-19 increase in supply costs.


2020, October

Contractor Keyes & Walsh selected.


2020, November

UUCBV vote to approve construction.

2021, January

UUCBV New Building Fundraiser Begins

2021, March

UUCBV New Building Fundraiser reaches over $230,000 

2021, June 12

Ground Breaking Ceremony

2021, June

Authorized Owner;s Agent, Kathy Wheeler, assigned

Approved signing contract with Keys & Walsh

2.5.2021 eCast

Dear Members and Friends of the UUCBV,

As we welcome 2021, it is with heightened anticipation that we will soon be “home again,” together for the first time in Our New Church on 29th Street in Bryan.  Plans for construction continue to evolve and we are eager for each new development that our Sacred Space team shares with us.

This letter is the latest link to our cherished church heritage, its legacy and its people.  Our shared heritage with the Bryan-College Station community to 1956 with the founding of the Unitarian Fellowship, the purchase of the Wellborn Road property, a major building expansion project in the 1980’s, and our eventual property sale in 2018 to the Texas Department of Transportation.  Each decade of our 65-year history has had its share of legacy makers and builders.  Now it is our turn and your turn to help shape not only the mission and vision of our faith community, but also to help us turn our dream of Our New Church into reality.

You may already know that a successful Building Fund Capital Campaign is the vehicle we need to close the gap between the building funds we have and the needs of our modified plans. The ambitious goal of the Capital Campaign is $300,000, and we are partially on our way, thanks to the magnanimous support of our key donors, Ken and Kathi Appelt, who have promised matching funds up to the $100,000 level.  It is important for us to know what motivated Ken and Kathi to make such a generous offer.  Here is what they said:

“After first investigating three other area churches, Kathi and I have been committed members of this church community for more than 30 years.  We know our community needs a church where members can freely and honestly explore their individual spiritual lives. Our spiritual life is a journey, and we want the UUCBV journey to continue long into the future.”

We invite you to consider what your legacy will be as a builder for the future and for the generations that follow. We ask you to join us, along with the Appelts in renewing your commitment to what we can become in a new location. By pledging our treasure to the Building Fund, our shared vision for the growth of Unitarian Universalism in our community can flourish.  We ask that you consider what is possible for you and your family and to please return the enclosed Donor Commitment Form to the church by February 28, 2021.  We have enclosed a brief Fact Sheet that may be helpful to you as you contemplate this important request to become a legacy builder. And please, feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.

In faithful covenant,

Nancy Granovsky 

 Nancy Granovsky: Building Fund Campaign Co-Chair,

Rob McGeachin              

Rob McGeachin: Building Fund Campaign Co-Chair,

Gaye Webb                               

Gaye Webb: Board President,

Pam Johnson                         

Pam Johnson: Board President Elect, and

Rev. Christian Schmidt   

Rev. Christian Schmidt: Minister and Ex-officio

NEW BUILDING CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FACT SHEET                                          2.5.2021 eCast


WHAT is the goal of the Capital Campaign?

The goal of the campaign is to raise $300,000 through donations and pledges.  Ken and Kathi Appelt have pledged matched funds up to $100,000 and several other members have pledged funds or made actual donations.  All donations will be acknowledged and progress will be charted on the UUCBV website. The capital campaign differs from the annual commitment we make as members and friends to support the annual operating budget of the church. Capital campaigns are time- and purpose-specific.  A financially successful campaign will allow for increased construction costs, unanticipated overruns, completion of items not in the contract, and purchase of items and services that will be needed to “move into” our new church home.


WHY is a Capital Campaign necessary?

The sale of the Wellborn Road property was financially advantageous to us.  No one could have anticipated the rising cost of building materials during the pandemic.  In response to that situation,  we have worked with our architect and contractor to revise some of our plans for the new building to reduce some of these costs.  But even with reductions like changing the parking lot from concrete to asphalt, substituting pine for the interior lumber originally planned, and only completely finishing two of the three RE classrooms, additional funds are needed.  On November 15, 2020, the congregation approved proceeding with building construction costs not to exceed $2,000,000, which is available in the building construction investment account.  The capital campaign is needed for the reasons cited above.  Additionally, if capital can be raised through donations, taking on a mortgage can be avoided and will help assure a solid financial status for the church.


WHEN will the Capital Campaign begin and end?

The campaign has two components.  The first part is being conducted during February and involves communicating with members and friends to obtain your donor commitment to the campaign.  We ask that you return the Donor Commitment Form  by February 28, 2021.  You may include a donation with the form or merely indicate your commitment plans and amounts.  The second part involves fulfilling your commitment during the year. All promised commitment amounts must be received by January 31, 2022, but may be paid at any time starting in February 2021.  Some donors may prefer to make quarterly donations.


HOW can donations be made?

The basic HOW’s of giving include the following: 1) by making your donations on a one-time or periodic basis by check or cash; 2) by online giving at our website, remembering that less than 100% of what you donate will come to the church after PayPal fees are paid; 3) February is important for another reason, especially for older members who must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from qualified retirement accounts (such as a traditional IRA) by December 31, 2021.  Notices are generally sent by investment firms in February indicating the amount of the RMD that must be taken by year’s end, based on 12/31/2020 ending values.  An RMD distribution sent directly from the investment company or brokerage firm to the UUCBV is a tax-saver for the donor, as the RMD will not be reportable as 2021 income (it is excluded from Adjusted Gross Income) and may even lower Medicare Part B premiums due to a reduced AGI. Donors are advised to consult their own financial and tax advisors for individualized assistance.


Your Donor Commitment Form must be received by February 28, 2021 and all contribution(s) must be received by January 31, 2022.  Even if you have already made a donation, please complete and return the Donor Commitment Form.