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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

It’s Been Hurry-Up & Wait.

Finally, It’s Time to Hurry-Up!

With not having our own church building and being unable to meet face-to-face for so, so long, many of us feel we are in a rut with regards to church happenings. “Hurry-Up & Wait” seems to have been the motto. Well, I’m happy to say that, now it is time to “Hurry-Up!”

In June, the UUCBV Board of Trustees (BOT) had three meetings dealing with many different aspects of the church. Any day now, if it hasn’t already happened by this reading, I will be signing the contract to actually start digging. My signature will represent the Brazos UU and all the people who have made this possible, especially Kathy Wheeler and the rest of the Sacred Space Team, the Appelts, Joyce Langenegger, prior UUCBV Boards, etc., etc..... Now is the time to “Hurry Up!” And we must!

The Groundbreaking Ceremony was rapidly scheduled and you all had the chance to meet with each other, meet Reverend Christian and celebrate all that you have achieved. Thank you to Jerry Wagnon for heading the Groundbreaking Ceremony Planning Team, Katie Womack and the UUWF for refreshments and to everyone else who made this a special day for you all.

Reverend Christian and the COM developed our new Mission & Vision Statement - It is wonderful - Now we need to “Hurry Up!” and implement it. How do we do that - let’s hear some ideas from you.

Will we have a minister? When will we meet face-to-face? Should we have a program director? - a music director? These are all questions the BOT must and will answer.

It is important to note that -


The Board’s purpose is to help you -

“... whoever you are, wherever you have come from,

wherever you are on life’s journey ...”

This is what I want to emphasize this year. The BOT is not here to hold you back, restrict you from setting goals, bomblasting you with rules. That is why I am so happy about the BOT membership this year. All members are experienced with board work; in fact, many have been president of the BOT in the past, some more than once. Therefore, we should be able to make quick, progressive, well-thought out plans and decisions that will help the congregation as a whole. This is an exciting time to be in the UUCBV.

Please feel free to attend our Board Meetings. We always meet the second Tuesday of each month, and since last year, a second time later in the month. We need your ideas, your consent, your input. To make it easier, I will aim to place the upcoming BOT’s Agenda in the President’s section on our website. This way you will know what topics are coming up and can talk with us about them.

And remember,

We create just and loving community

Pam Johnson

UUCBV 2021-2022 President of the Board

Visit our Board of Trustees page here:

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