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2020-2021 Board Covenant

Adopted July 14, 2020 by unanimous vote

We, the Board members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Brazos Valley, pledge to 

  • be honest, direct and respectful in our communication with each other and our congregation

  • promote honorable intentions in our words and deeds and to be accountable to our fellow board members and congregants

  • commit to our board responsibilities with a willingness to accept assignments and duty to be fully prepared

  • encourage respectful dialogue that will be focused and relevant, mindful of time restraints, and allows participation by all

  • be active listeners and reflect on the wisdom of others

  • promote transparency of decisions and conversations, utilizing the tools available through social media and various venues

  • practice self care as we forgive ourselves and others as we practice kindness and tolerance with each other.

Board of Trustees

Gaye Webb, President

Pam Johnson, President-Elect

Jerry Wagnon, Past President

Deb Wilson, Treasurer

Alice Scott, Secretary

Richard Imlay, At-large member

Maya Lazarus, At-large member 

Rob McGeachin, At-large member 

Josh Wilkinson, At-large member 

Rev. Christian Schmidt, Minister, Ex-officio member

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