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Volunteer for Our MSJE Team!

Come join us and see how you can help bend our community toward justice! 

The Ministry for Social Justice and the Earth (MSJE) for short, is the social action and community outreach arm of UUCBV. We strive to understand and address the many injustices faced by the surrounding community, and partner with like-minded organizations and individuals in order to further our efforts.


We are always open to new directions, ideas, and partnerships. You are welcome to join our Email List for updates, and you can join our monthly virtual Social Justice Team meetings by finding the link on our calendar.

MSJE is active from many different directions.  You have the option to scroll down and visit all current MSJE interests or you may use our Quick Reference Menu to select a topic and directly find yourself on the related part of the MSJE page.

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Every Sunday, half of the un-directed cash collections from the morning offering go to a nonprofit.


UUSC is our Split-the-Plate Recipient 

From October through December, half of our plate donations will be going to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The UUSC funds projects nationally and internationally, partnering with organizations that best uphold our UU principles. With a particular focus on disaster justice, UUSC has a strong presence in Haiti, which recently experienced political upheaval, a major earthquake, and now a migration crisis along the Texas border.

Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network Or

Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network (BIIN)

UUCBV is a partner church, providing financial and volunteer support for BIIN’s programs and sending a MSJE representative to attend Board meetings on a quarterly basis. This organization works with immigrants in our community, regardless of country of origin or immigration status. They welcome volunteers for citizenship classes, English classes and conversations, tutoring, and client assistance.


Confronting Our Racism Group (CORG). 

“Confronting Our Racism: A Community Conversation,” that we hope will open up conversations about racism in the community. The proposal is based on a template that another UU congregation, San Gabriel UU in Georgetown, used to stage community readings in Georgetown, TX in August 2020. They had over 270 participants from the community. We have since begun discussions with the BVAAM and UUCBV Boards of Trustees, Brazos Valley Black Lives Matter (BLM) Group, TAMU faculty including Prof. Joe Feagin, Directors of the Bryan and College Station Library Systems and other concerned citizens; all groups involved are very enthusiastic about our proposal to open up discussions about race.


 All are welcome. 

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Family Promise

UUCBV serves as one of the host congregations for the Bryan/College Station branch of Family Promise, a national organization that assists families experiencing homelessness. Members of our congregation help by providing meals, transportation, tutoring, activities, and/or companionship for these families during our rotation every few months. A MSJE representative also attends Board meetings.


Green Tip of the Week

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry (TXUUJM)

UUCBV is a proud member of TXUUJM. To paraphrase their mission statement, TXUUJM educates and organizes member congregations, and partners with sympathetic organizations, in order to advocate effectively for public policies that align with UU values and principles. Every other year when the legislature is in session, UUCBV joins TXUUJM for a legislative action day, where we gather at the Capitol and speak to legislators about issues that are important to us as UUs. TXUUJM's key issues for the 2019 legislative session are: Reproductive Justice, Immigration/Refugee Justice, Economic Inequality/Justice, and Environmental Justice/Education. We share our knowledge and strategies with member congregations about UU social justice work in Texas.

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The loose change from the morning offering is collected for MSJE projects.

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Half of the un-directed cash collections from the morning offering go to a nonprofit.

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