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Youth Group by Vicki Carter

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When enthusiastic volunteers come along, things start happening. Two RE parents took the lead on forming a youth group, finding out what the young people wanted, planning activities. I had suggested that activities take place outside of RE and worship time. By the time you read this, we will have had our first youth event.

On October 25th the youth will represent our church to the community at Wolf Pen Creek. Our booth is a pirate themed fishing game. I remember seeing the fish-for-prizes game years ago when Pat Childress was DRE. I thought it was a very clever game to play for her kick-off of the RE year. I had no idea how it works, and I still barely understand. The whole thing is supposed to be very mysterious for the kids who are “fishing.” It's all done behind a barrier. Volunteers Lauren and Felice told me it's fun to let the kids cast their line more than once before getting a “bite.”

Of course the main purpose people will have in visiting booths at Wolf Pen Creek is to trick or treat for candy. But we will decorate our booth with signage to represent our church. We will also have printed information available. Thanks to all those who offered the use of a canopy, especially Ron Ross for offering to transport it and put it up. If the predicted rain will hold off, we should have a great time. I look forward to the youth group making our presence known in the community.

You may have noticed there's a table at coffee hour dedicated to “Youth 11-18.” This age range is the official UU designation of youth. (Actually, I believe it goes all the way to 19 for those who have not yet graduated from high school.) I am excited to see the positive response youth have to being invited to hang out in a special spot. For so long we didn't have enough people in this age range to call the youth a “group.” I see a lot of bonding going on. I also see a lot of bonding going on between teens and younger kids. All of them love to play ping pong. I see a ping pong table in our new church building's multipurpose room!

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