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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The Communication Team (Deb Wilson, John Faber and Nancy Deer) would like to share a special announcement: Dear Unitarian Universalist Kindred,

If you’ve ever used WorshipWeb to search for inspiration, or if you’ve ever read Braver/Wiser to find courage & compassion, this news is for you: we’ve just released our new WorshipWeb app!

You can download the WorshipWeb app from the Apple store or from GooglePlay.

In January, a handful of creative, dedicated UUA staff members knit themselves into a pop-up team, designing this app for your smartphones and tablet. It’s the new iteration of the “Illuminations” app that many of our users lost when technology made advances in 2017. Our WorshipWeb app is more robust and beautiful than before, offering a wide range of content for both personal and collective use.

The content on the WorshipWeb app is expansive, pulling resources from fifteen different worship genres in addition to our gallery of images, memes, and artwork. You’ll find our Black Lives Matter collection and a 14-month archive of the weekly Braver/Wiser reflection series. If you explore the app, you’ll also discover a slyly hidden button that leads straight to our “What’s New?” page.

The app includes other helpful features too: you can share resources to Facebook or Twitter, and while the app’s content requires a signal to browse, you can use the “Favorite” function to keep material accessible even when you’re offline. (If you find yourself missing the light-your-own chalice from the old Illuminations app, please trust that we’re working on implementing that interactive feature in an upcoming update.)

The design, creation, and maintenance of the WorshipWeb app is a service of the Unitarian Universalist Association, made possible through the support of member congregations and individual donors like you. If you enjoy the app and want to show your thanks, we hope you’ll click the “Donate” watering can icon to show your appreciation.

You can download the WorshipWeb app from the Apple store or from GooglePlay.

We hope you enjoy this app, and I hope you’ll stay in touch with me about how WorshipWeb can continue to offer connection, and equip you with tools for a vibrant spiritual and worship life.

In faith,

Rev. Erika Hewitt Minister of Worship Arts, Unitarian Universalist Association

On behalf of our fantastic app team: Anna Bethea, Lauren Callahan, Marchaé Grair, and Larry Stritof

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