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Worship into 2021

The Worship Committee continues to work with Rev. Christian to produce the All Ages Worship Service every Sunday and we are always looking for new participants to contribute their ideas and talents.

We now have a Worship Assistant and Greeter Scheduler - Eleanor Ford - Thank you very much, Eleanor.

We would love to hear from you about what we are doing well, poorly and how to improve. Several people have commented that they like the announcements at the beginning and end of the service and the discussion period after the service. What do you think? Please contact us individually or complete the Sunday Service Feedback Form with the good, bad and the ugly.

Thank you,

Pam & Maya Co-chairs &

The Worship Committee Members: John Faber, Molly Ward, Brian Lockridge, Erin Wilkinson, Josh Wilkinson, John Ivy, Gaye Webb, Ivy Chatwin, Jerry Wagnon, Maya Lazarus, Katie Womack, Eleanor Ford.

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