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Who should make decisions about fund raisers by the church?  It is an unwritten rule that approval needs to be given by the board.

Does this have to be?

The UUCBV Board will be asking this question at our next Board Meeting on July 14 at 6:30 PM.

A problem occurred when Nancy G suggested that we contribute to the BIIN Cares Emergency Fund to help families with a wage earner who has lost their job (or had their hours drastically reduced) due to COVID-19 and who DO Not qualify for federal assistance from the CARES Act due to their immigration status. We did not have time for the board to make a decision so advertised the collection as the Ministry for Social Justice and the Environment (MSJE) fundraiser. And we did really well - we donated over $3200 directly to the BIIN Cares Fund in less than 2 weeks.

So the question is - 

  • What entity of the UUCBVB should supervise church donations and fundraising for outside groups that would complement our mission?

  • Should the Board be required to give its ok?

  • Can MSJE be responsible for this?

  • Should another group be responsible?

  • What guidelines should we follow?

What do you think?

Please respond with a comment.

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