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What is new in our Worship Committee?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021


Beginning August 1 we will have an in-person/virtual hybrid worship service twice a month at the Brazos Valley African American Museum. This month it will be the 1st and the 15th. Pastor Kiya Heartwood will deliver our sermon.

Everyone can still join us via ZOOM if they cannot attend our in-person services by simply using our regular Sunday Services ZOOM link on our website homepage. We are working to make the virtual experience integrated with our in-person service as seamlessly as possible, so we will be trying new things and feedback is always welcome as we refine this whole new way of doing church!

We want to involve our children in worship services as much as possible so they will be playing a part in our Blessing the Animals service on August 8 which will be virtual to allow all your pets to participate. Pastor Kiya will deliver the blessing.

On August 22, our friend William Rogers will offer a talk on Carl Sagan, a defender of science, critical thinking, and open mindedness.

On August 29th, children will participate as our worship assistants as we once again use a movie, “Frozen 2,” to connect to the worship service created in collaboration and presented by minister Rev. William Levwood, DRE Helen Rivers Cassara, and Music Director Angel de Armendi of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee with special guest musician Li Kynvi. This will be a back to school service. Pastor Kiya will give a blessing of the backpacks.

The worship committee will be disseminating an interest survey this month to find out what topics are of interest to our congregation. Please respond. We want to know what services you would like to see and hear!

Lastly, the worship committee has decided to reorganize itself, our worship assistants, and greeters into a six-month experiment. We will form teams who will be responsible for all the tasks that go into making our in-person worship services awesome. If you would like to join a team (we’ll start with two), please email Maya Lazarus ( or John Faber ( and we will form the teams beginning in September.

We are thrilled to have Pastor Kiya as our new half-time minister. The worship committee looks forward to working in collaboration with her.

In worship,

Maya Lazarus and John Faber, co-chairs

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