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Welcome Back: Olga Kuchment, Radical Hospitality Coordinator

Radical Hospitality - “out of the ordinary,” “revolutionary,” even.

Now that it is time to start in-person services, it's time to gather our Radical Hospitality team together, and no one is better at this job than Olga Kuchment and her son, Abram. It will be so good to see you two back again with us - don't forget to bring your Mom!

Many of you know Olga, but do you know anything about her background?

Olga is a first generation immigrant from Russia, moving to the US with her parents at the age of 10 in 1989. They first settled in California and later moved to Kansas where Olga completed her undergraduate studies. Later, she completed her graduate degree at Berkley California and eventually moved to College Station via Salina, Kansas.

Abram was born in Salina, Kansas but moved with his parents to College Station at the age of six months - so I think he can be termed a true College Stationite. That was in 2012. Olga first became involved with the UUCBV around 2019 and has become progressively more active since. Interestingly, the reason she says she started coming to the Brazos UU was because Abram started asking questions about religion. Having been acquainted with the UU religion through a college friend during her undergraduate years in Kansas, Olga thought that this would be a great place for Abram to learn and have his questions on religion answered. Presently, Olga does writing and editing for the TAMU AgriLife.

If you would like to join the Radical Hospitality Group and bring great food for us to munch on, please contact Olga at 510-847-7204 or email her at She's got it all organized and

will tell you how you can fit it right away.

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