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Walk of the 1719 E 29th St with Brian Gibbs

On 9.2.2021 Brian Gibbs, Ken Appelt, and I (Kathy Wheeler) met at the property to assess the progress on the property and discuss issues. We were not able to see Kenn Walsh (In quarantine for Covid) or the construction superintendent (Charles) who developed symptoms of Covid the morning of 9.2.2021. “That pretty much puts most of our staff infected. Good news is we won’t have to worry about it anymore”. -Kenn Walsh

There are stakes in the area of the future building. However, they were not put there by surveyors, Brian noted. We discussed where the backyard would be and which trees we could save and which trees we would lose. Ken found an area that would be good to stack the cut cedar trees logs (off the ground) to later use for outdoor furniture. Cedar trees are highly flammable and should not be close to buildings for safety reasons.

We hope our next monthly walk through of the property will show significant progress.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair SST of UUCBV

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