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Virtual Church

Here I am in my home with my cat on my lap, sharing screen with the Brazos UU tech guru, John M. Faber, learning how to do church in a new way. A new way that he and I have been dreaming about for 1-1/2 years, and now this pandemic is forcing us to 'get er done'. And it's fun and wonderful and challenging all at the same time. It's brought up an old 'if only' for me. I had the chance to do my ministerial internship with the CLF, Church of the Larger Fellowship, the Unitarian Universalist online church of over 3000 people, as they were moving to new levels of virtual church. I was afraid I didn't know enough to do it. BIG MISTAKE! My best friend Rev.

Lara Campbell did take the internship, and learned so much. So funny - she just reached out to me, and I told her I was learning virtual church and would be back in touch. So more later, back to the 'classroom'!

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