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UUCBV News from the Board President

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

As you are getting this newsletter we are within days from the membership vote on the property purchase at 1719 E. 29th Street. Maybe by the time you open this Lat, the voting will have already happened. I speak for the Board in saying we sincerely hope that you have been provided with all you needed to make a well-informed decision, and that our UU 5th principle of the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations has been upheld. Without knowing where we stand at this moment on the vote outcome, I reflect on the beautiful day last Sunday when we gathered for our picnic lunch and property walk. Hard to describe, but I felt a “good vibe”, observed the way faces lit up as ideas were shared, and envisioned all kinds of future events on the beautiful space. Regardless of 29th street or some other parcel, my hope is for everyone to experience this good vibe and promising future when we gather on our chosen spot.

As I write, we are coming off of a hugely successful annual service auction fundraiser. As FUNdraisers are meant to be, this one was FUN and raised significant money! A team of volunteers made it happen. Teri Metcalf did an awesome job as chair, and Teri and Bob Presley were just delightful as our auctioneers. Thanks to both of them for a wonderful evening and for all their tremendous work putting the auction together. Thank you to all who helped in many ways before, during, and after the auction. And importantly, thanks to all who donated and purchased services and items!

In April we shift into our annual stewardship drive. We will be asking you to consider how this church aligns with your values and that you support the mission of UUCBV with a pledge to contribute to the operating expenses for 2019/2020. As your Board President, I share with you that we are financially healthy. The members of the Finance Committee are wise and careful custodians of our financial assets that will be needed for building our new physical church home. The operating budget that will be proposed during the stewardship drive is realistic and achievable. Most of all, we are richly blessed by our generous congregants who never fail to support with treasure, time, and talent and we will continue to thrive.

It’s been a busy March, and April will be no less full of church activity. I pause in the midst of it all to think of Sonja, who slipped away from us on March 10th. She was a strong, independent, practical and open-minded woman, and was an inspiration to me. May she live on in our hearts. My hearts says life is short, no matter the number of years, and we are reminded of how much we need one another.


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