UU THE VOTE continues until Election Day,

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. 

The Next Phases are listed below.

Phase I. Early Voting Postcards.

When - Done - #75 postcards sent.

Phase II. Texas Youth Postcard Project for GOTCV (Get out the Climate Vote)

When - Now until second week in October - focused on the Earth and Environmental Issues. SEE BELOW.

Phase III. Organized Texting

When - mid-October until Election Day. We will need a team of 2-4 people to organize

Phase IV. Organized Phone Banking 

When - mid-October until Election Day. We will need a team of 2-4 people to organize

Now - Texas Youth Postcard Project. 

This is a non-partisan, focused postcard event that looks like it will be a very impactful project. The voting yield promises to be sizable since databases to focus on those with environmental concerns who haven’t voted so much in previous elections was used.

Background: This project began as the Texas Youth Postcard Project for GOTCV (Get out the Climate Vote).

Importance: The climate crisis worsens. The U.S. continues disastrous policies that further hasten future climate catastrophes. Some tipping points are close to tipping. We must elect political leaders at every level of government who will listen to science, take leadership on this, and stop it. This Texas Youth Postcard Project is an effective way for folks to help. Many youth are scared they'll have no future, that floods and fires will wipe them out. Many are doing something about it. They now ask adults to help them in a project to get out the climate vote and stop climate change.

Youth have written thousands of postcards to climate "nonvoters" to go vote this election. Their goal is to write thousands more and they're working on it. But they can't write all 40,000 they printed and targeted, and would like adults to help write postcards. Also, about half of writers are now buying stamps for the postcards they write but that leaves $7,000 worth of stamps needed. If you can spare a little money to help buy some of the stamps we'll need to buy, that would be great. For more information, contact PostcardProjectTX@gmail.com.

What I need to know is:

1. Who would like to join the Texas Youth Postcard Project for Get Out the Climate Vote?  We will write only short messages, so it takes about two hours to write 25 postcards. We have the funds to pay for postage.

If you are interested, please let me know by Wednesday, Sept. 30th.

Contact me by phone 832-641-9782 or email.

2. Two to three volunteers to organize Phase III & Phase IV. Organized Texting & Organized Phone Banking.

  Please let me know if you will volunteer.  

If we have no volunteers UU THE VOTE will come to an end.


Pam Johnson 832-641-9782

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

      ...  and teamwork is fun - work together with your friends.

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