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UU Association GA business items to share

Don't wait to queue up at a Pro or Con microphone—join the discussion now! If you haven't yet done so, check out the General Assembly business discussion site to explore what others have shared about the the business items on the agenda this year. And if you feel moved to do so, share your thoughts, questions, or insights!

It might not seem like many people are interacting on the site, but as the graph below shows, a significant number of people have been silently engaging through page views. is available to anyone, not just delegates, so feel free to share with your congregation and UU communities. This is a great platform for sharing with others engaged in this work.

Access the Delegate Platform The online Delegate Platform is open! To access the Delegate Platform, delegates must be registered for General Assembly and have credentials. Congregations are responsible for assigning credentials to their member delegates. Ministers and religious educators can retrieve their credentials via Delegates who only want to participate in the business portions of General Assembly without access to programs, workshops, or speakers can register as business-only registrants. Payment is not required, but a donation to offset production and platform costs is suggested. You must submit amendments or vote on the Mini-Assembly ballots through the Delegate Platform.

Questions? For questions on assigning or claiming your delegate credentials, or registering on the Delegate Platform, please email For any other questions on the GA voting process, email

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