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Update on 2020 Stewardship Campaign

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

 We are about 3/4 through our annual campaign to solicit your financial commitments (some call them pledges) for supporting all the nuts and bolts of supporting our UUCBV missions for the next year.   Many of you have heard moving testimonials during our Sunday services; we've had two of our Cottage Dinners thus far, with great food and even better conversation.   The final dinner, on March 21, will be at Hillel with virtually no limit on numbers, so that's a great one to aim for.  Of course, one key purpose of this campaign is to inspire your thinking on what amount you might be able to commit  each month (be it 2 digits or more) towards supporting the UUCBV community.    Our ambitious goal this year is to raise $150,000 in commitments, but also to inspire 8 new (or returning after a pause) pledgers to join in. I am happy to report that as of March 10, our grand total is $37,684, a very solid start, and --even better-- one brand new pledge! These new commitments are incredibly important to our goals: can you get us closer to that goal of eight?   If you still have that pledge form and envelope at homeplease DO mail it in or deliver during Sunday services before April 1.   from Sue Bloomfield, Stewardship Chair 2020

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