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Update from the Board of Trustees - July 2020

July was a busy month for your Board of Trustees.  We soon realized that one two-hour session a month is not sufficient to lead the congregation in the year ahead.  In addition to the "routine" business of a board, we recognize that we must also take the time to identify and appreciate the successes of our congregation, as well as those areas where we might enhance our impact on our members and the wider community -- that is, we must plan for our future.  This means taking a closer look at our covenantal relationships, our financial situation, and our expectations of our interim and future ministers, of ourselves as leaders, and of the members of the congregation.  Thus, we are committed to holding a second meeting each month to focus on these topics and others that might come to the forefront.  

As always, we offer an open invitation to observe the Board meetings: the "business meeting" is on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.  As of yet, we have no set date for the second meeting of the month but will announce the date as soon as it is known on the Board of Trustees blog of our website and in the eCast.  At either meeting, we may adjourn the regular meeting and "go into Executive Session" to discuss confidential matters.  In the spirit of transparency and in accordance with "Roberts Rules of Order," all actions and decisions made by the Board will take place in a "regular meeting" and recorded in the minutes of that meeting.  All open Board meetings will be placed on the church calendar along with the Zoom link.  Come and observe your Board in action.  

Contact the Board president via email at by the first Tuesday of each month if you have a topic you wish the Board to consider.   Or at any time to share your ideas, comments, and questions.

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