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TXUUJM ADVISES: DO SUPPORT IMPEACH AND EXPEL DON'T COUNTER - PROTEST Texas UUs, When political parties cannot win at the ballot box they resort to voter suppression, voter intimidation, BIG incessant lies, and overturning elections via the power structure. If none of these are successful they either accept defeat and go back to the drawing board or they turn to Violence. Timothy Snyder, a historian of fascism writes the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol was “completely and utterly predictable” given President Trump’s record of stoking extremism and undermining democratic institutions. “The American republic is hanging by a thread because the president of the United States has sought to use violence to stay in power and essentially to overthrow our constitutional system.” TXUUJM advises you and your congregations ---

DO support Impeach and Expel. The UUA is partnering

with over 100 organizations in the graphic below for these actions. You can also call 855-942-0208 for brief instructions on how to get connected with your Congressperson. We are now seeing daily reports that white supremacy insurrectionists are planning armed actions at statehouses and at the U.S. Capital starting on Saturday, 1/17, and going through Inauguration Day on 1/20. During this time, we are actively discouraging all of our UU groups from taking in-person actions. The risk of violence is high.

DO NOT plan or be involved in counter-protests during these volatile attacks. TXUUJM will be watching closely what transpires and will be in touch for future events, actions & strategies. We WILL Bend Texas and America Toward Justice Together!

Soulfully, Rev. Chuck Freeman PO Box 170064 Austin, TX 78717 For Media Relations, Contact: Executive Director: Rev. Chuck Freeman 512-791-0864 TXUUJM Won’t you consider becoming a regular supporter of TXUUJM with a monthly contribution of $50 or more? We invite you to join with every member of the TXUUJM Board of Directors and Advisory Board and become a member of the “1,000 Courageous, Sustaining UUs for Justice”. Join us today by Clicking the Donate Button. Donate to TXUUJM


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