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Tuesday U*U International Women’s Zoom Gathering

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

March 9th – Tuesday U*U International Women’s Zoom Gathering (9:00 Central time)

Sharon Boston, Nancy Granovsky and Kathy Wheeler have been pretty regular participants in this Tuesday morning Zoom gathering over the past year. We think this one will be very special and will forward discussion details and Zoom link as soon as we receive them. We’ve especially enjoyed the small group discussions that have allowed us to get to know women from around the world. It’s been an excellent use of the “rooms” feature of Zoom.

Some of us recall when we attended the first International Convocation held by the group in Houston in 2009. They have accomplished a lot since then, as you can see from their informative/effective website:

Now, more about the Tuesday gatherings (see - the following is taken directly from the website:

"Since March 31, 2020, more than 30 women have logged on for a cross-continental meeting, creating on computer screens a gallery of women’s faces from Australia, India, and Bolivia, to Kenya, Uganda, several European nations, and across the United States and Canada."

“At first, though I didn’t know most of the women; I appreciated having the connection in a difficult time. As the faces started to seem familiar, I looked forward to talking to some of the same women and meeting new ones,” said Gevene Hertz, who joined from Denmark.

The meetings have been hosted by the International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (IWC), whose executive director Zsófia Sztranyiczki says the idea was to “offer a participatory activity to allow women to connect in a time of isolation, uncertainty, and distress.”

Happy International Women's Day!

Now is the Time for Community, Solidarity, and Love: Join Us for a Zoom Gathering of U*U Women Worldwide!

In 2020, a total of 25 gatherings helped us gain strength from and build on each other’s resilience. Join us as we continue our global U*U women's gatherings in 2021, the second and fourth Tuesday of every month! In times of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, staying connected is vital. Even small expressions of solidarity can remind us that we're all in this together - and we're all here for each other. Connect with U*U women worldwide as you reflect, respond, and check in more deeply in small breakout groups.Tomorrow's gathering will be moderated by Rev. Carol Huston; the topic will be introduced by Laura Stahnke. Please click HERE to read about tomorrow's topic and reflect on the discussion questions in advance. The call will take place at the following times:

7 am Pacific / 8 am Mountain / 9 am Central / 10 am Eastern U.S. & Canada 3 pm United Kingdom 4 pm Central Europe / Most of Western Europe 5 pm Eastern Europe 6 pm East Africa 8:30 pm India 11 pm Philippines 12 am (next day) Japan Join Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, 9 March 2021 via internet: Or via phone - find your local number here: Meeting ID: 283 947 380 Password: 385478 Let's connect, nurture community, and draw sustenance and hope for all!

The International Women's Convocation Team

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