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Town Hall Meeting: October 4, 2020, Noon to 1:30 PM

Come one, come all to a town hall meeting on October 4, 2020, Noon to 1:30 -- check the church calendar for the link to this virtual meeting.

The Board of Trustees will share the “state of the congregation” and lay out our plans for the year as we work on the goals and priorities of this interim ministry period, as identified during the Start-Up Session late last month with our Rev. Christain and Southern Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  See the Board post -- “So What’s this Interim Ministry All About?”  You will have a change to ask questions and make suggestions.

Of course, one of our goals is to continue the completion of a new building and ensuring we have the funds to do so.  The Board and the Sacred Space Team (SST) will provide an update on the building project. The eight construction bids were significantly higher than our available funds. The SST narrowed down the bids to three contractors and asked them to suggest ways in which costs could be reduced.  As a result of this process, the SST recommended that the Board agree to enter into further negotiations with Keys and Walsh Construction to work out the final plans for construction. The Board approved this recommendation at its meeting on September 9.  At the Town Hall meeting, we will welcome your input about some of the possible revisions to the original building plans.  It is highly possible that we will need additional funds for the building project.  We will brainstorm on some possible resources and solicit volunteers to organize the fund-raising effort.  

Come to the Town Hall meeting and engage in the Fifth Principle of our faith:  The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

See you in the Zoom Room.

Gaye Webb, President

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