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The Sacred Space Team Welcomes your Input!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The Sacred Space Team welcomes your input on the design of our new church. We want to hear from you about your ideas. We know you can also appreciate the need for an orderly process in considering your concerns and contributions. We will consider every idea that is shared at the appropriate time in the design, development, and construction process. We commit to you that we will categorize each of your ideas/concerns and bring them up for discussion at the relevant time.

In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your ideas openly in congregation-wide meetings with our architectural team. These meetings will be held periodically, once we have engaged an architect for this project. In the meantime, please submit your ideas and concerns to us by email, if possible. Written comments can also be mailed. Comments at church should be followed up by email or in writing to be sure they are included in our "to do" list.

Please email comments to: (favored way to comment) All comments will be forwarded to the Sacred Space Team prior to appropriate scheduled meetings.

Please mail comments to: UUCBV Sacred Space Team c/o Kathy Wheeler P.O. Box 12372 College Station, TX 77842

All mailed comments will be shared with the Sacred Space Team at the appropriate scheduled meetings.

Please share any feedback you have about this solicitation for input or any other matter. -Kathy Wheeler

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