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The only thing constant is change.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

What an ironic phrase, but so true. We welcome all of you that are new to UUCBV and we welcome everyone to the many changes you will see. It would be nice to find a solution that works for our ever-changing church at first try, but we need to adapt and create the best scenarios for our needs as we learn them.

Have you been able to visit our website? Many people have contributed to the ideas within, but John Faber deserves a special mention for his contribution, talent, and eye for the future illustrated in The website is an organism. It grows when nurtured. How can you feed the belly of the site?

First of all, take a look. All information found in the Sunday Happenings is posted in our blog, under the headline News and Events.

There is a live calendar available too. This calendar is updated as the Administrator is made aware of changes. Scheduled events with details, reschedules and last-minute meetings are found on A few taps on the screen and you can be sure what to look forward to in the day of UUCBV. This is also helpful if you need to schedule a reservation with UUCBV. You can look ahead and see your options.

Are you looking for information, questions answered or just need to express yourself? Our Discussion Forum is the place for you. This activity requires you to join as a “site member.” Becoming a site member has no obligations. To participate, visit Log-in or Sign up to be a member of our virtual church (this is at the top right of the site). Once the Communication Team approves your request, you are a member.

Find the heading "Discussion Forum" and select. There are general discussions that anyone can add. The Communication Team has already started a tab for most Teams and Committees to start sharing. Find the discussion that inspires you and start sharing your voice. Please omit any personal or financial information from the forum. Consider this information shared available to the entire congregation, the now virtual congregation.

What is on the horizon? If you notice, there is a “Voting Members Only” heading to choose. Within this portion, a member's directory, UUCBV requested forms, Board of Trustees approved documents and a Historical Library of UUCBV will be available through this password protected page. Further down the line expect, a virtual store to purchase UUCBV swag, easy donation buttons and tickets for our upcoming events.

Our website might very well be someone’s first impression of us. Technology has gifted us the opportunity to share ideas worldwide. Let us feed our website and experience it together as it evolves. Let people walk away with the warmth and caring you bring to the physical church in a virtual world.

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