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The UUCBV is a member of the Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry (TXUUJM). TXUUJM asked for our top three choices of issues that we would like them to concentrate on this legislative session. We did a poll and the top three issues we voted for are:

· The Environment

· Criminal Justice and Racial Justice Reform for Texas

· Helping Poor and Low Income Texans

This information will be compiled with the three top choices of other UU churches in Texas. TXUUJM will announce the top three issues they will focus on by Sept. 15, 2020. They will then develop an action plans, organize the plans and ask us to help in their action plans from the UU point of view.

Will You Get Involved?

Do You Agree With These Poll Results?

More details of our three top categories are below.

I. Environment -

a. Climate Change (including more funding for buyouts & acquisitions of property in flood-prone areas)

b. Environmental Justice

c. Resource Conservation (especially water)

d. Decrease plastic waste

e.  More renewable energy

f.  Support Carbon taxing

II. Criminal Justice and Racial Justice Reform for Texans

a. Criminal Justice Reform

b. Board of Pardons and Parole Reform

c. Racial and Ethnical Disparity in Prisons

d. Bail Reform

e. Police Reform

f. Legalize marijuana

III. Helping Poor and Low Income Texans

a. More and better Low-Income Housing Options

b. Better access to Healthy Food

c. Better access to Mass Transit

d. Food security

e. Safe and equitable access to healthcare (including abortion services)

f. Healthcare for uninsured Texans

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