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Texas Voting Rights Event

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Side with Love is reaching out to Texas UUs with a request for collaboration to protect democracy. The US Senate has blocked the Freedom to Vote Act. Once again, they utilized the filibuster, a Jim Crow era Senate rule that is preventing us from building the multiracial democracy we need to get humane and just policies passed for our communities. This act, if passed, will overrule the damage done by many state legislatures such as in Texas that have passed severe voter suppression measures. That’s why Side with Love is mobilizing in multiple states with the Declaration for American Democracy (DFAD) coalition during the Senate’s next recess in November when lawmakers will return home--Nov 8th–Nov 13th--for a Freedom to Vote: Time to Act Week of Action. Specifically, Texas-based Side with Love volunteers will be hosting a Texas statewide Zoom Power Hour where we will ask participants to take actions during the gathering (contact their senators, tweet about the Freedom to Vote act (with how-to help), and write a letter to the editor) on Tuesday, November 9, from 7-8 PM CT. Register at In faith, Sarah Berel-Harrop (She/Her or They) "The generation of hope is a communal act" Gregory C. Ellison II


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