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Texas UU Justice Ministry News

TxUUJM is an organization made up of UU congregations across Texas that have come together to influence opinion and legislation on social justice issues inside the state’s borders. A big part of that work involves citizen lobbying of the state legislature when it meets every two years for a 140-day main session that is often extended to include one or more shorter special sessions. With a state as populous as Texas, a lot of legislation – some in accord with our UU Principles and other bills very much at odds with our beliefs – is enacted in a short amount of time.

While we wait to see which bills make it to the floor of the House and Senate, TxUUJM is working alongside some of our partner organizations to be able to respond quickly. You are urged to check out their websites for fast breaking actionable responses:

Reproductive Freedom. Several bills are moving to the floor of the Senate to greatly restrict the right to reproductive health, including safe and legal abortion. We partner with Just Texas on opposing these measures.

Transgender Rights. This year, it looks like the anti-LGBTQ right is pushing at the top of their agenda a bill to ban transgender children from competing in sports based on their gender identity. For more information, see the Equality Texas legislative website:

Voting Rights, Medicaid Expansion, Criminal Justice Reform (Including the George Floyd Act) and Migration. A major push to suppress voter turnout is underway, aimed especially at denying lower-income and minority persons access to the ballot. This is just one of the areas in which we partner with Texas Impact. In fact, their website is a go-to place for information:

We will try to keep you informed as the legislative session heats up on ways you can make a difference through the ecast. This will likely include a TxUUJM legislative action day with meetings on Zoom with our local elected state officials in late spring.

Jerry Wagnon

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