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Stewardship Campaign 2020 Updates

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With this last week's financial commitment forms coming in, we have achieved $50,945 in pledges for the 2020-21 year at UUCBV--- this is just over 33% of our total goal ($150,000).    The other major goal is inspiring 8 new (or returning after hiatus) pledges:  we now have TWO "new" pledges!  Thank you, thank you.  These new pledges are our very best chance of boosting our total, so please ---if you have never committed on a monthly or yearly basis--- do consider this now.   Thirteen of 46 pledge "units" from last year's list have delivered their forms-- so we have yet to hear from many of you; we hope to finalize collection of financial commitments by April 1.   Drop that form in the mail OR you can deliver directly to my home (1800 Amber Ridge Drive, CS 77845) if you want to save 50 cents.

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