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State of the All Ages Religious Education and Worship Service by Vicki Carter

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We began including everyone in religious education and worship service at the beginning of March. April 7th was the first Sunday that I saw the flexibility we were aiming for in action. Children sat in pews. They sat at the activity table. They visited their family in the pews. Went back to the activity table. Visited the nursery. Came back to the activity table... You get the idea. Everyone seemed content to attend worship for as long as they were interested.

Most of this was taking place at the back of the sanctuary. I didn't see adults turning around to see what was going on. There was plenty of getting up and down and coming and going at the front as well, since it was an interactive service.

During March, I often felt I was setting up the activity table for no reason. There were a couple of Sundays when no one sat there but me! On April 7th, I was excited to have to add an extra chair and give up my spot when service first began. I think I enjoyed moving around as much as anyone. In fact, I missed the last hymn because I was in the boardroom resting on a comfy couch.

I will be excited to see how things go in future. People who are involved in RE are already thinking about how our new space could best serve integrating all ages in class and in worship service.

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