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Springtime is Stewardship Drive Time

This is the time of the year when trees begin to bud, landscapes need care more often, wildflowers are in bloom, and the days are getting longer.

The same is metamorphically true for our congregation: What new ideas (bud) are forming? How we need to take care of our landscape (infrastructure) to eliminate weeds and to enhance growth? How can we help our flowers (members) bloom? And what can we do to ensure our congregation lives longer?

Basically, the answers to these – and other – questions can only be provided by you through your financial commitments to our operating budget during our Stewardship Drive time. Without monetary contributions we could not exist. To create a budget that will support new ideas, take care of our landscape, help our members, and ensure our existence, the Board is asking you to reflect on the value, the impact, this congregation has on your lives and others with whom you interact. Let your financial commitment be a gift of appreciation and legacy to yourself, current members, and others who make this congregation “live”.

Please submit your pledge (financial commitment) by April 8 – by completing this form on our website or completing and mailing the printed copy (email the church office – to request a form if you did not receive it in the mail).

Since we aren’t holding planned events (Zoom or in-person) during this annual stewardship drive, we invite you to join us in sharing your UU story, your power, and your visions on our virtual UUCBV storyboard. If you have a photo of a memorable moment, or a symbol of what Unitarian Universalism means to you, or even your own picture, add it to the board, too. We are eager to see how this congregation has impacted your life. We hope to display the board in our new building to give a glimpse of why we all come together to celebrate being UUs.

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