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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We hear stories of resilience after Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and indeed those with the means to restore and rebuild using insurance, savings and social resources have mostly gone back to some semblance of normal. Those in less fortunate areas of southeast Texas, however, are still living with bare two-by-fours and mold in their homes.

To help meet the needs of those still struggling to recover, our Split-the-Plate donations for the last three months of the calendar year will go to Rebuilding Together Houston In general, this non-profit concentrates on bringing homes up to code or refitting them with accessibility improvements, but as you can imagine, the Harvey recovery has created a severe backlog of work. As the MSJE has concentrated on Homelessness and Housing issues over the year, we earlier donated funds to the local chapter, but this time our Split will go specifically to the overwhelming efforts in the Houston area.

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