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Special Message

Special Message to UUCBV Members from the Committee on Ministry

The members of the Committee on Ministry are asking our church members to provide voluntary feedback on our minister as part of the ministerial credentialing process conducted by the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee.  The CoM sent a special eCast email to members on Wednesday explaining the details of this process.  We subsequently learned that some members did not receive the email.  If you did not receive it, please email the Committee on Ministry at

  • to receive more information about this process, 

  • to request the link to the electronic form,

  • to request a printable form sent to you by email,

  • to request a printed copy by US mail, and/or

  • to ask any questions related to this request or feedback process.

We are requesting that members provide their feedback by May 10.  We think you for your willingness to participate in this democratic process.  

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