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SPECIAL INVITATION Town Hall Meeting, Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 12 Noon on Zoom

Updated: May 4, 2021

Your Board of Trustees invites and encourages you to attend the Town Hall meeting this Sunday (May 2) at noon. You will be given an opportunity to provide feedback to the Board on two very important documents before we create our recommendations for your approval at the congregational meeting later in May (the 23rd).

In preparation for the discussion on Sunday, please review both documents (by clicking on the name of the document) and formulate your comments and questions prior to the meeting. Some background information on both documents is included below:

Mission and Vision Statement After engaging in a six-month process to renew our mission and vision, the team is proud to present our new language to the congregation. Incorporating feedback received from all-congregation sessions, the new mission, vision, and core values reflect both who we are as a congregation and who we wish to be. Please come learn more about them and how they will guide us into the future at the town hall meeting.

Budget for 2021-2022 Fiscal Year You will note that the net income shows a deficit of just under $16,500. The Board does NOT want to recommend a budget with a deficit this high. Thus, we are asking for your feedback and suggestions on how we might increase income and/or decrease expenses.

The Income section reflects the total of FY22 financial commitments we have in hand as of April 28. Based on financial commitments we received for the current fiscal year, we anticipate receiving additional commitments for next fiscal year. While we can’t predict if we will receive these pledges, or the amount of the pledges, we hope that the total will get us closer to a balanced budget. If you have not submitted your pledge, please send the president an email with your commitment amount ( If we receive new information, we will update the draft budget with the new total as of May 1, providing a more realistic “net income” at the Town Hall Meeting.

On the expense side, we have added estimated property expenses for half of the year, with hopes we will be in our new building by December of this year. We are anticipating hiring an Artist in Residence and a Director of Religious Education by the time we return to in-person gatherings in our new building; thus, we have included compensation for these two positions for six months.

We are also recommending an increase of $9,000 for website development and tech support due to the expansion of virtual services and the goal of providing hybrid services when we are able to be together in person.

Regarding ministerial compensation for the new minister, we made some assumptions regarding medical insurance, which is based on age and type of medical plan the minister chooses. These may increase or decrease based on the costs for our new minister.

Other recommended expense items are in line with this year’s expenses.

In summary, we NEED your feedback -- come to the town hall meeting on Sunday (May 2) and share your thoughts with us. The Board will consider your suggestions at a special board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 4. We will send revised documents to you by email and US mail before May 10 to review again before you cast your vote at our congregational meeting on May 23.

If you are unable to attend the Town Hall meeting and wish to provide feedback, please contact me at

Blessings, Gaye Webb, Board President

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