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Slab Pouring Right on Time at 1719 E. 29th Street, Bryan

The morning of Thursday, December 2nd was a beautiful day for taking

photos of the slab-pouring.

"The weather was perfect!" said our professionals.

Pouring began at 4 am in the morning and SST Chair, Kathy Wheeler was able

to capture it on film.

Kathy asked for a very tentative date of completion -

The Answer (drum roll):

Between mid-June to August/September 2022.

The SST members emphasized that the quality of the work was more important than the earliest possible finish date. Availability of building supplies is the biggest unknown as we continue to live in this Covid-19 supply chain dilemma.

Monthly Saturday morning guided property walks for our members &

friends will start tentatively in January 2022.

Enjoy the photos!

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