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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

A few people have asked, "where did this chair come from" and I have an answer for all of you. I was driving home from work, with UU thoughts in my mind and I saw the bones of this chair sentenced to the curb. A "U" appeared instantly! I could see colors bursting from this chair. A couple months later with help from my daughter in painting and my mother for embroidering, a chair is reborn. What can I say, I like vibrant, sparkly things that may be a bit different from the norm.

When I brought this chair to UUCBV, Rev. Donna told me of the "Empty Chair" story. The chair and the story found each other to add to the UUCBV atmosphere. Hopefully, UUs and friends will enjoy this chair as much as I enjoyed transforming it.

Hugs always,


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