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Seeking Board-of-Trustees Nominees

Each year, the Nominating Committee identifies candidates for vacant positions on the Board of Trustees. This slate will then be voted on at the annual Congregational Business Meeting, traditionally held in May. This year the committee is seeking individuals for President-Elect, Treasurer, and two Trustees-at-Large. In addition, two new members to serve on the four-member Nominating Committee will be elected at the meeting in May.

To serve on the board or the committee, the bylaws require that the individual be a Voting Member of the church. Two of the members of the Nominating Committee also must be recent board members, which ensures that the nominating committee is familiar with responsibilities of board members.

If you know of someone you wish to recommend to the committee, or you wish to serve in one of these positions, please contact one of the Nominating Committee members. Thanks!

Joyce Langenegger,

Erin Wilkinson,

Katie Womack,

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