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Scared Space Update

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The Sacred Space Team met 11/29/2018 to review options. The team voted to table consideration of the property at 1900 Hwy 158 due to numerous complications and challenges this property has.

The Sacred Space Team has zeroed in on a previously considered property at 1719 E 29th Street which appears to meet almost all of the characteristics our church membership has expressed were important. In addition, the property’s asking price has decreased by over $91,000 from last year.

On Thursday Dec 6, the Sacred Space team is meeting with Planning and Zoning to evaluate any issues or concerns with this property. Joining us will be Veronica Morgan of Mitchell & Morgan to help us with any city issues.

This property is 2.826 acres slightly north of Blinn College on the opposite side of 29th Street. It has about 200 feet of curb on 29th Street and is rectangular in shape. Neighbors are a Terminix company and a storage facility.

We’ll let you know what happens!

-Kathy Wheeler

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