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Sacred Space Update

On 6.10.2020 Ben Bradshaw brought some very attractive, sturdy, and well-made chairs for the SST to inspect and sit in. The chairs were extremely comfortable. They had a divided shelf underneath the chair which could fit two books in back for the seat behind and could fit one book on the front of the shelf. The chairs can be linked one to another and can be stacked with several chairs. The chairs may have arms added which could make getting up out of the chairs easier for those with mobility problems. The consensus of the SST was to purchase these chairs for the Sanctuary and for the Chapel. The consensus was to have arm chairs on each aisle seat.

These chairs come in a variety of wood colors and a variety up upholstery fabrics. The consensus was to wait and see the actual color of the installed CLT (cross laminated timber) during the building process and at that time choose the wood color and fabric color that would best contrast or be compatible with the CLT color. The upholstery fabrics far exceed the requirements for commercial seating with great resistance to wear and tear.

Additionally, we looked at chairs that could be placed in the Multipurpose room. Since potlucks would be common in this area, chairs in which food spills are easily cleaned are desirable. Also chairs requiring as little room as possible for stacking purposes and different setups required in a Multipurpose room were more desirable. We were shown much less expensive chairs that could stack 30-32 chairs that come with a dolly. We would need three of the stacks of chairs. The chairs come in a variety of colors.

If we make a deposit before the end of 2020, we will receive this year’s prices and a delivery time that works for us in 2021.

The architectural and engineering plans are with the City of Bryan P&Z department. The next phases are Permitting, Bidding, and then Contractor selection. We will be guided by Pact Design Studio and our attorney.

Respectfully, -Kathy Wheeler

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Membre inconnu
18 juin 2020

These sound nice but do you have any photos of the chairs?


Membre inconnu
17 juin 2020

Thank you, Kathy and the SST. Those sound like very wise choices.

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