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Sacred Space Team talks numbers

During the last meeting on Oct 22, Ken Appelt announced that his family was planning to sell some real estate (with 80% certainty of sale) with the result he & Kathi would be able to double their matching pledge from $50,000 to $100,000.

We hope to raise $200,000 at least with such a match & hopefully up towards $300,000.

The plan is to have a Congregational Meeting on November 15 at noon with the hope to receive support from the Congregation for authorization to spend up to $2.0 million for the construction contract of the building project. If we raise $200,000 and add it to our current Fidelity assets of $2.17+ million, we will have $2.37+ million and a cushion for furnishings and other items needed to “open-the-doors.”

The Board of Trustees has approved presenting the $2.0 million budget for the contract at the Congregational Meeting, providing our attorney can write up the contract to a standard of protection that will allow eliminating the performance bond. If a performance bond is recommended by our attorney, it would still fall within the $2.0 million approved budget.

The Congregation will be asked to approve the $2.0 million budget at the Congregational Meeting. Our architect and contractor are currently working to maximize what we can construct within our budget. The completion of some items (such as extend landscaping) of the overall campus plan will be delayed. We may start with a minimal yet functional set of kitchen appliances; however, many design elements can be completed after we move into our new church home.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, Sacred Space Team

-Ken Appelt, Sacred Space Team

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