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Sacred Space Team (SST) Report to the Congregation 7.30.19

The Sacred Space has been working diligently to further our agenda for building a new church at our 1719 E 29th St location.

We worked out a matrix to determine the rankings of what we hope for in our next church facility and includes congregational input. This matrix is a guide in our selection of an architect to recommend to the Board for our project.

Joyce Langenegger with the help of her architect husband has created professional documents: Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) for invited architectural firms to fill out. Seven recommended firms were invited to submit RFQ’s. Four firms did so. After considering the RFQ’s, the SST requested three firms to submit RFP’s.

On Wednesday July 31, the SST will meet to:

Organize our parameters and plans for the interviews Friday Aug. 2.

Welcome Gaye Webb and Harriet Smith to the SST

Update our progress of where we are with our contract negotiation with our civil engineer, Veronica Morgan.

Consider designs for a temporary sign on the property that identifies the property as our future home while following the Bryan sign ordinances. The SST will recommend the Board authorize the expense for and the selected design to erect a temporary sign.

The Property team (Thanks Ken!) has had the property mowed and dead brush piled up in one place.

Please congregants, continue to submit ideas for our new church to We will bring up your input when your area of interest is timely in our process.

Respectfully, -Kathy Wheeler, SST Chair

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