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Sacred Space Team report on Property Progress

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Report from SST 8.19.2023

Leaders in the Sacred Space Team met at Keys & Walsh’s office on July 13, 2023.

Those attending were:

Kenn Walsh (Keys & Walsh)

Paul Hawryluk (Keys & Walsh)

Charles Vernon (Keys & Walsh)

Cole Kitchel (Keys & Walsh)

Kathy Wheeler (SST)

Ken Appelt (SST)

Joyce Langenegger (SST & President UUBV)

Rev. Kiya Heart (SST & Minister)

Brian Gibbs (Pact Design) (On the Phone)

Our contractors have committed to getting us into the building by early September. The stumbling blocks to getting things done are now under control. We may have some minor things to finish up after we are able to occupy the building that can be finished during weekdays.

Our new church celebration opening is scheduled for Saturday, October 14, 2023!

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair SST

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