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Sacred Space Team keeps our property in progress

Almost all the curbs have been installed around the future driveways and planter beds. The driveways and parking areas currently are packed, lime-hardened soil, and will soon be overlayed with crushed stone. The asphalt surface will be added at the end of the project to avoid any damage from the heavy construction equipment.

The steel framing has been done at the 1719 E 29th St. property.

The next big stage is wood framing, which we were advised will be finished relatively fast. The interior finish work, including doors, glass, the fire sprinkler systems, and many other items, comes next and will take longer to complete. Another essential task is installation of the waste water plumbing line to the city sewer system at the back of the lot. Our latest completion date estimate from our professionals is Fall, 2022. Please remember that construction professionals currently have challenges with supply chain delays. Keys & Walsh has been ordering and purchasing supplies far in advance to help alleviate these problems.

“Walk the Property” events are scheduled April 23 and May 21, 2022 at 10 am at our 1719 E 29th St property.


Another email is to be sent out a few days before the scheduled walk. Should there be a change in the weather or our plans, we need to know who to contact.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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