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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

SST meetings Feb 5 & Feb 26 were held to discuss furniture selection. John Ivy, Ken Appelt, and Bobby Presley inventoried & recorded sizes of furniture in our storage facility between these meetings.

A meeting with Pact Design Studio on 2.26.2020: We discussed chairs for the Sanctuary, the Chapel, and the Multipurpose room. Although the chairs would be different in the different rooms, we agreed the wood and the fabric used should be similar. The chairs in the Multipurpose room should be more amenable to food spillage than those in the Sanctuary and the Chapel. A manufacturer of these chairs will bring us samples of the chairs for us to inspect & try out. Some chairs with arm rests will be needed for those with mobility problems. We discussed pockets on the backs of half the chairs in the Sanctuary and baskets below alternate first row seats for hymnals, etc. Most chairs we purchase should be stackable. We appear to have enough tables in storage for the multipurpose room. We also discussed office furniture. We appear to have enough tables for the classrooms but will need some children’s chairs (plastic?), crib(s) or playpen(s), etc. A second rocking chair is needed for the family room.

Core Samples 25 feet deep have been extracted Mar 2, 2020 from the soil where the foundation and where the future parking lot will be located at our future church. We have not yet received the report from the engineering company. The results should be back around the third week in March. These samples help the engineers and the architect determine the best construction techniques for our unique property.

A meeting was held Wed. Mar 4,2020. We discussed roofing materials, flooring materials, & the pluses and minuses of various building materials. We will be given info as to where to see certain floor finishes locally.

On Mar 9, 2020 Brian Gibbs, Kathy Wheeler, Ken Appelt, John Ivy, Veronica Morgan & one of her associates met with our landscape architect Mr. Bobby Rialto from San Antonio at our property. I explained to our landscape architect that we preferred low maintenance landscaping due to upkeep concerns. The landscape architect looked over our land and had broad suggestions. He was getting a feel for the property site. Veronica was able to clarify the area of the proposed retention area and she, Brian, and Bobby were able to consult each other about their respective goals. This was a good meeting of our experts as they go forward in their work.

We will lose some trees in the process of building our church and parking/driveway, but we will have plenty of beautiful trees left.

We have some remaining trees to be surveyed on the property. The clarification of the building and the retention areas necessitated additional tree surveying. This additional survey should occur this week.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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