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Sacred Space Monthly Update

Ken Appelt has been communicating with our mechanical engineer about the A/C units. The goal is to have the best balance of energy efficiency, functionality, and mechanical noise management. Brian expects a few more weeks to “get all our ducks in a row."

Thanks to the pledges and donations from the members of the congregation, we will now be able to complete features of our overall building plan that we thought would have to be delayed for lack of funds. THANKS to ALL of you!

Coordinating all the details for the building project has been challenging but progress is being made. Construction materials prices have been extremely hard to calculate due to market disruptions caused by the pandemic. Cost reductions on subcontracting bids has been difficult for our professionals as we all try to keep the most desired features for our new church with attention to quality construction. We are trying to direct the funds we have to the areas of our church that will be be most effectively & efficiently served. Please continue to be patient. We almost have the final plans done and a construction contract will soon follow.

A special thanks, Ken & Kathi Appelt, for all your help & support for our new church!

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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