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Reveal Your Dignity, Hope Locker Fundraiser

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Thanks to all who helped with the BISD Hope Locker Fundraiser, Saturday night, March 30th.

A special thank you goes to our wonderful models - Daniela Silva, Molly Ward, Courtney, Alice & Cora Daigle, Reverend Donna Renfro, Nancy Granovsky & Harriet Smith.

Thank you to Katie Womack, Kathy Wheeler and Zoe Dobbs for taking care of tickets. Thank you to Vicki Carter for donating the childcare. Thank you to John Faber and Nancy Deer for posters and set-up.  Thanks to Erin Wilkinson for taking photos and Deb Wilson for the use of the Square, taking phone calls, and the accounting.  An extra thanks to Zoe Dobbs for always sticking around to help with Clean-Up.

And, thank you to those who attended. You are the core of the UUCBV!

Tara Dupper & Pam Johnson

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