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Report from the Sacred Space Team Dec 13, 2021

Our slab was poured Dec 2, 2021. The weather was perfect for slab pouring, we were told by our professionals. They started pouring at 4 am in the morning.

We were told working on the driveway and the parking areas was next on the agenda. The holidays will impact the amount of work done in December. (We all need a holiday break!)

The water leak from the Terminix property has been addressed by cutting off the water to the leaking outdoor faucet until it can be repaired.

I asked for a very tentative date of completion: between mid-June to August/September. We SST members emphasized that the quality of the work was more important than the earliest possible finish date. Availability of building supplies is the biggest unknown.

Monthly Saturday morning guided walks on the property for our members/ friends are TBA later to tentatively start in January.


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