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Report from the Sacred Space Team

The next “Walk the Property” is Saturday Mar 26, 2022 (at 1719 E 29th St). Please RSVP on Evite so you can be contacted if there is a change of plans, such as weather concerns.

Future dates are: Saturday Apr 23, 2022 & Saturday May 21, 2022

Our contractors had been working on polishing the slab before erecting steel. (Weather affects the timing of the slab polishing). The steel has now been erected on the slab. The next stage is the wooden framing. Our contractors have anticipated ahead of time to have lumber readily available for the framing. They have also planned ahead for the availability of windows. Construction often has an orderly fashion of finishing with one phase before it is feasible to going to the next phase.

-Kathy Wheeler, -Chair SST

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