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Religious Education Volunteers Needed

“It Takes a UU Village to Raise a UU Child

(and adult)”


"It Takes A Village to Raise a UU Child (and Adult)." This means that to educate our UU babies, children, adolescents, teens, and adults we need everyone's participations. Until we hire an RE instructor, most likely when we return to meeting in person, the All Ages RE Committee will be seeking member volunteers to help educate our children.

Thank you to all those

who did such a wonderful job with RE presentations in March & April 2021.

We focused on "Respect for Others’ Beliefs.”

Let's do it again for July and August!


Start with the trailer of one of these movies, and develop a 20-minute child/youth presentation

on how UU values are expressed or ignored in this movie.

What are the consequences?

Tootsie (July 4) Hidden Figures (July 11) Back to the Future (July 18) Bruce Almighty (July 25) AUGUST - THEMES Use the Themes, Communion & Journey (e.g. coming together as people, life's journey) and develop your own RE Class! Or chose your own age-appropriate movie! Join up with another member/friend and go crazy on your production talents! You will be amazed at what you can do! Please let me know if you will volunteer, asap We have lots of resources for you to use! Can't Wait to See What You Can Come Up With! Thank you, Pam Johnson UUCBV BOT (2021-2022) President

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