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Religious Education Meeting Notes

All Ages Religious Education (RE) Meeting

“It Takes a UU Village to Raise a UU Child”

For the remainder of February we will continue with the 7th Principle, "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part," as it applies to one's community and environment. In March and April, we will be focusing on "Respect for Others’ Beliefs.”

Join us for All Ages RE this Sunday, February 21st at 10AM for Wild at Heart

Molly will teach us the art of foraging and which wild plants are safe to eat.

All Ages RE is set up to be child (and adult) friendly with “Wonder Questions.” This way, children (and adults) will not feel that they are put on the spot to answer questions. And remember, RE is not for children only. Adults enjoy and learn much from All Ages RE.

Examples of Wonder Questions -

“I wonder who would do that?”

“I wonder what could happen next?”

“I wonder where the seed went?”

“ I wonder when the plastic will decay?”

“ I wonder why we should recycle?”

“I wonder if there is a God?”

“I wonder how plants grow?”

Even if a child does not answer the Wonder Question, their minds will be allowed to open up thinking of all types of possibilities.

See You At All Ages Religious Education, Every Sunday at 10:00 on Zoom!

Go to and click on the blue oval tab -


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