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Religious Education: Closing Out 2021

The last month of the year?! It is hard to believe, but time seems to be flying by this year. Children’s Religious Education is cruising right along and the last month of the year continues some programming while also having some special goodies throughout December. First, our CartUUns class this month was inspired by Claire L. We will be watching an episode of Dug Days, discussing curiosity about new things and experiences, and making our very own fireworks (on paper!). We will meet at the Fun for All Playground at Stephen Beachy Central Park on December 8 at 5 PM. Our Youth Group Meetup will be at the Williamson Skate Park in Bryan on December 17 at 5:30 PM. I will move these offerings online if it is too cold or stormy, but we will hope for some mild December weather! December 19 is a very special service for us. It is our Winter Solstice service complete with play and potluck! The day of there will also be crafts for all ages to do during coffee hour. Let’s have fun and find comfort in each other’s company as we welcome the return of the sun after the longest night!

Children’s RE Schedule:

December 5: During Children’s RE, we will discuss bullying and how to handle when someone is bullying you or someone you know

December 12: Multigenerational Yule Service: No Children’s RE

December 19: Multigenerational Winter Solstice: No Children’s RE

December 24: Multigenerational Online Christmas Eve Service: No Children’s RE

December 26: All Ages RE Hangout at 10 AM: We talk about our winter holidays before a virtual service to close out 2021.

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